How does it work?

Machtrack works as a simple and free listing space for your surplus machinery! Simply post your machinery and interested buyers from all over the world can instantly see your listing and contact you directly. There is nothing more to it!

Machtrack is simple, effective and free. There is no catch! It takes less than a minute to post an ad on, get started today!

Get in touch with our team at if you need any assistance selling your machinery.

Who are we?

Machtrack combines decades of industry experience with an international business network to help link buyers and sellers of quality used machinery.

The website operates as a simple and free marketplace where you can sell your surplus equipment. The Machtrack team is there to help with any assistance you require. We can even perform a no obligation, free evaluation of your surplus machinery and help you sell it.

Not sure what your business needs? Have something to sell? Need an expert opinion? Shoot us an email or give us a call!

Why buy used machinery?

Industrial machinery, like most technological assets, depreciates heavily in monetary value over time. Unlike most technology however, machinery maintains the same useful functionality for decades!

The global manufacturing industry is in constant flux and provides an abundance of cheap, used machinery in perfect operating condition.

You simply cannot beat the incredible price – performance ratio offered by used machinery. The same functionality for a fraction of the price, what’s not to love?

Our professional network can help with installation, commissioning and after sales support of your used machinery. So don’t fret, it’s never been as easy to buy used machinery as it is today!

Have any queries or need help with installation? Let us connect you with one of our experts to assist.

Is it safe to purchase from overseas?

With decreasing packaging and shipping costs, combined with the increasing simplicity of arranging international freight; there has never been a better time to purchase machinery from overseas.

Accessing the international marketplace significantly expands your options. If you can wait the additional shipping time, you can get a high quality machine for a good price.

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Should I show a price on my listing?

Showing the price is a valuable tool that increases the effectiveness of an ad. It is estimated to increase your chance of selling by a factor of seven!

Not only will it increase your chance of selling, it will save you time and money as it will filter out a significant amount of illegitimate enquiries.

What are the basic commercial terms?

The commercial terms set out the costs and risks of shipping including insurance in a deal. While there can be many different commercial terms, the most commonly used in the trade of used machines are as follows:

Exworks / Exsite – The seller makes the goods available at their premises. Usually does not include packing and loading onto a truck.

CIF – standing for Cost, Insurance and Freight. The seller takes care of shipping to the main destination port and includes transport insurance.

LOC / LOT – Loaded on Container / Loaded on Truck. The seller takes care of dismantling and loading on the truck or container sent by the buyer to the premises.

FOB – standing for Free on Board. The seller packs and sends the machine to the nearest major seaport and leaves it at the shipping company. He also has to clear the machine for export.